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Most Recent Posts from February, 2016

  • Sex & the Senior: Viagra for Older Women?

    If you watch the news, you might have heard about a new drug that’s just passed FDA standards in the past few months. Commercially, it’s called Addyi (flibanserin, generically), but you may have heard ... Read More
  • Removing the Stigma of Assistive Devices for Seniors

    Imagine for a moment no longer being able to complete the activities that had been second nature to you throughout your entire life. The interruptions to your ability to independently complete the ... Read More
  • The Benefits and Challenges of Telemedicine for Seniors & Caregivers

    Telemedicine is gaining momentum around the world due to many factors — such as the high costs of health care, the growth of senior populations, the increasing burden of chronic disease, and a ... Read More
  • The Road Ahead: Driving Devices for People with AMD & Low Vision

    Many of us take our ability to drive for granted. By enabling your mobility, being able to drive can significantly improve your quality of life. Driving makes it easier to visit your friends and loved ... Read More
  • Why Valentine’s Day May Give Seniors Mixed Feelings

    Valentine’s Day can cause mixed emotions for older adults who are single. Some may still be mourning the death of a spouse and find the holiday to be painful. Others who are divorced might feel like ... Read More