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Posts from 2017

  • Coping Strategies for Elderly Adults in the Wake of Trauma No matter our age, we’re all faced with major challenges throughout our lives. While coping with trauma can be difficult for anyone, it can be specifically challenging for seniors. As a senior, you may have more grief due to the loss of loved ones; you may be transitioning ... Continue Reading
  • The Elderly and Cold Weather: Prepare This Winter Season Frosty mornings and falling snow certainly have their positive points, but the elderly and cold weather don’t always mix well. For some older adults, cold weather can cause serious health issues. Taking a few precautions can help keep the seniors in your life safe and ... Continue Reading
  • How to Prevent Pneumonia in Elderly Adults About one million Americans visit the hospital for pneumonia every year. More than 50,000 of them will die, 85% of which are seniors. That’s because the elderly are both more likely to develop pneumonia and less likely to survive it. Knowing how to prevent pneumonia in ... Continue Reading
  • Toys for Seniors, Elderly Adults, and Older People Ever struggled to find the right birthday or holiday gift for your loved ones? Why not consider toys for seniors, elderly adults, and older people? The current senior toy marketplace contains products that range in utility from providing companionship, to increasing ... Continue Reading
  • Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Life Expectancy, Age, Signs For most, Alzheimer’s symptoms start once they hit their 70s, but, for some, this disease comes much sooner. When that happens, it is called early-onset Alzheimer’s. Some people can be affected as early as their 30s, but anyone who receives this diagnosis before the age of ... Continue Reading
  • Can You Get Rid of Diabetes with Diet and Exercise? Ask any diabetic and they’ll tell you managing diabetes can feel like a full-time job. Keeping tabs on your blood sugar levels, taking medications at regular intervals, and watching what you eat is the bare minimum that a diabetic needs to do to avoid facing life-threatening ... Continue Reading
  • Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors & Older Adults No season of the year is more oriented around our ability to connect with each other than the span of holidays we end the year with. Thanksgiving activities for seniors can ensure that the day is filled with reminiscing and memory-making with the one’s they love the most. ... Continue Reading
  • It’s Never Too Late: Older People Doing Great Things and Crushing Goals Disconnecting from your community and giving up on your dreams can be just about as dangerous to your health as smoking. For many people, retirement is an opportunity to pick up where they left off in their education. Others use their retirement years as an opportunity to ... Continue Reading
  • Never Too Old to Dance: Benefits of Ballet for Seniors If you think the idea of dancing and ballet seem out of reach for senior adults, think again. You don’t need to be 10 years old or even wear a tutu to reap the benefits of ballet after 60! While it’s true that many a young child dreams of growing up to be a ballerina and ... Continue Reading
  • Caregiver Tips for Traveling with Dementia A dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all travel, but it does mean taking extra precautions and making extra preparations in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Travel may be possible for senior citizens living with ... Continue Reading
  • 10 Tips for Safe & Affordable Gardening for Seniors As we move into our twilight years, it is natural to want to be able to continue to take part in the activities that we enjoy; and for many seniors, gardening is a lifelong love. As much as many people love gardening, being able to continue gardening can be a problem.There ... Continue Reading
  • Atrial Fibrillation Life Expectancy: How Long Can You Live with Afib? Atrial fibrillation — more commonly known as Afib — is a rapid and irregular heartbeat. This condition can lead to heart failure, blood clots, and strokes. Currently, there are almost three million people in the United States living with Afib. The question is, just how long ... Continue Reading
  • Alzheimer’s Breakthroughs Give Hope for a Cure As the most complex organ in the body, the intricate workings of the human brain are far from understood. That’s why brain disorders like Alzheimer’s are so difficult to treat. After decades of research, our best treatments are still unable to halt or reverse the progression ... Continue Reading
  • 12 Top Apps for Seniors Looking for the latest and greatest digital applications to simplify senior living? Whether you’re looking for an easier way to manage your medicines, something to entertain and occupy your time, better weather predictions, or personal finance assistance, you’re sure to find ... Continue Reading
  • Tinder for Seniors? Tinder for Seniors? Yes. Seniors date. Whether they’re widowed, divorced, or a lifelong bachelor or bachelorette. Whereas their younger counterparts have been relying on online dating apps like Tinder, many seniors have now gotten in on the act and there is a new app that ... Continue Reading
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