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Most Recent Posts from August, 2017

  • Tinder for Seniors?

    Tinder for Seniors? Yes. Seniors date. Whether they’re widowed, divorced, or a lifelong bachelor or bachelorette. Whereas their younger counterparts have been relying on online dating apps like ... Read More
  • Psoriasis Awareness Month: Does Psoriasis Get Worse with Age?

    Since it’s Psoriasis Awareness Month, we wanted to take a look at the most common autoimmune disease in the nation and shed some light on this sometimes painful skin condition. Anyone with psoriasis ... Read More
  • The Complete Guide to Enjoying Disneyland as a Senior

    Sure, Disneyland is a wonderland for kids, but you don’t need the youthful energy of an eight-year-old to fall in love with The Most Magical Place on Earth. In fact, Disneyland and its companion park, ... Read More
  • How Uber and Lyft Can Help Seniors

    When Uber first rolled out in Richmond, I was among one of the early adopters. For me, Uber was cheaper and faster than taking a taxi, which made going out for drinks almost too easy. Little did I ... Read More
  • Gardening & Gardening Equipment Adjustments for Seniors

    Gardening has many therapeutic and health benefits for seniors, particularly when it comes to growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Garden tools, equipment, and beds – these all can be ... Read More
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