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Most Recent Posts from December, 2017

  • Coping Strategies for Elderly Adults in the Wake of Trauma

    No matter our age, we’re all faced with major challenges throughout our lives. While coping with trauma can be difficult for anyone, it can be specifically challenging for seniors. As a senior, you ... Read More
  • The Elderly and Cold Weather: Prepare This Winter Season

    Frosty mornings and falling snow certainly have their positive points, but the elderly and cold weather don’t always mix well. For some older adults, cold weather can cause serious health issues. ... Read More
  • How to Prevent Pneumonia in Elderly Adults

    About one million Americans visit the hospital for pneumonia every year. More than 50,000 of them will die, 85% of which are seniors. That’s because the elderly are both more likely to develop ... Read More
  • Toys for Seniors, Elderly Adults, and Older People

    Ever struggled to find the right birthday or holiday gift for your loved ones? Why not consider toys for seniors, elderly adults, and older people? The current senior toy marketplace contains products ... Read More