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Most Recent Posts from February, 2017

  • Am I My Brother’s Keeper: Caring for a Difficult Sibling

    Am I My Brother’s Keeper? My husband and I were on a vacation in Mexico recently, and after bumping into the same couple a few times and having brief, but fun conversations, we invited them to join us ... Read More
  • Honoring Our Founder: The Jean Griswold Foundation

    The Jean Griswold foundation is proud to bear the name of a remarkable woman who established Griswold Home Care 35 years ago. Jean Griswold’s life’s work was providing services to elderly and disabled ... Read More
  • Hip Surgery: What to Expect During Recovery

    It’s been nearly six decades since the first hip replacement surgery was performed. And while today’s replacements last longer than ever, the road to recovery can be just as challenging as it ever ... Read More
  • Autism and the Elderly

    Many autistic seniors don’t know they live with autism, but that doesn’t stop it from affecting their lives. That’s because as a diagnosis, autism spectrum disorder is only a few decades old, which ... Read More
  • What You Should Know About Type 1 Diabetes & Seniors

    What You Should Know About Type 1 Diabetes & Seniors Type 1 diabetes — also known as juvenile diabetes — is a chronic condition that, while typically diagnosed in young people is actually a lifelong ... Read More
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