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Most Recent Posts from January, 2017

  • How an ACA Repeal Could Impact Seniors

    How an ACA Repeal Could Impact Seniors On January 20, our country moved into a new era. The installation of the Trump Administration is accompanied by the anticipation of considerable change ... Read More
  • Activities for Seniors with Limited Vision

    Imagine what would happen if you lost your ability to see. Would you still be able to enjoy the hobbies and activities that are important to you? This is the dilemma faced by a growing number of ... Read More
  • What Can I Expect With Emphysema?

    Emphysema is a progressive lung disease that is literally breathtaking. It’s the result of damage to the air sacs inside your lung tissue, which makes the gas exchange that’s supposed to occur in the ... Read More
  • 6 Tax Tips and Deductions Seniors Should Know About

    Some might say there aren’t a lot of benefits to getting older besides getting wiser, but they would be wrong, at least when it comes to taxes. In case you weren’t aware, the IRS offers specific tax ... Read More
  • The Importance of Advance Directives & What to Do If They’re Ignored

    Documenting your end-of-life wishes in an advanced directive is one of the best ways to ensure those choices will be respected. That’s why the number advanced directives for seniors has increased by ... Read More