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12 Top Apps for Seniors

Looking for the latest and greatest digital applications to simplify senior living? Whether you’re looking for an easier way to manage your medicines, something to entertain and occupy your time, better weather predictions, or personal finance assistance, you’re sure to find something helpful in this list of 12 top apps for seniors:

Audible (for iOS & Android)

Don’t let vision problems keep you from enjoying the books you desperately want to read. With Audible, you get access to tens of thousands of audiobooks which you can listen to from the convenience of your smartphone or other digital devices including the freestanding Amazon Echo with Alexa. Start with a free book and then you can become a member for a recurring monthly fee.

DarkSky (for iOS & Android)

Looking for the latest and most accurate weather forecast? Check out DarkSky. This unique weather app aggregates hyperlocal weather data and radar to give you the most up to date picture on what to expect weather-wise. Receive alerts when inclement weather will be beginning, view a 10-day forecast, check the local radar and more.

Pillboxie (iOS)

Medicine regimens seem to get more and more complicated with each doctor’s visit. Limit the confusion and stay on track with helpful apps like Pillboxie. Track your prescriptions, doses, frequencies, and even set reminders and alerts when it is time to take medicine. The innovative visual interface makes recognizing and sorting your medicine schedule easier than ever.

Medisafe (iOS & Android)

Another app aimed at helping seniors adhere to their medicine schedules more strictly, Medisafe prioritizes patient security and HIPAA compliance as well as works with doctors and pharmacists to help patients manage their health. Pill reminders, information on drug interactions, dosage tracking, and appointment management all make Medisafe one of the top pill tracker and management apps out there.

ArtKive (for iOS & Android)

With a new school year beginning, so comes the wave of classroom artwork the grandkids start bringing home from school. If you’re running out of fridge space for all those masterpieces, check out ArtKive. Scan, upload, and securely store your grandchildren’s artwork and even have their creations printed into books, albums, gifts, and more.

Yelp (iOS & Android)

Looking for a great new place to grab a bite to eat? Want to know what people are saying about the new cafe you and your spouse have been thinking of trying? Yelp is the go-to app for scoring information about local restaurants and businesses including reviews, menus, reservations, hours, and contact information.

Skype (iOS & Android)

Staying in touch with friends near and far has never been easier! The live video chatting and instant message service from Skype is free (over wifi) and allows you to call friends near and far from almost any digital device. Catch up with grandkids, old friends, and other relatives, and stay socially active even if your health or mobility limits your ability to get out of the house.

Lumosity (iOS & Android)

Keep your mental faculties sharp with fun and engaging brain games from Lumosity. Refreshing and new puzzles and games challenge your attention, memory, recall, and learning processes. Important for seniors looking to stave off cognitive decline, Lumosity can be another instrument in a toolkit of practicing fine motor skills, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Mint (iOS & Android)

Managing your expenses on a retirement budget is no easy feat. Save time and get organized with Mint, the personal financing app from Intuit (the makers of TurboTax). Mint tracks everything from income to expenses, budgets, bills, and more. Mint will even categorize your spending, alert you when bills are due, and give you weekly reports of where your money went along with savings tips and special offers.

Spotify (iOS & Android)

Feeling in the mood for some great jazz music? Just want to relax to some classical tunes? Forget digging up the old records or CDs. The Spotify app gives you access to millions of songs which you can play from most any digital device, and also lets you build playlists based on your favorite hits and genres.

Find My iPhone (iOS)

Never lose track of your iPhone again. The free app, Find My iPhone, will locate your missing phone for you from any other iOS device where you’re logged into your Apple account, and will pinpoint its geo-location on a map to help you retrieve it.

Cozi Family Organizer (iOS & Android)

If you are deeply interconnected to the going-ons of your family, a shared digital family calendar could help you save time (and stress) staying organized! Babysitting the grandkids next week? Need a ride to your doctor’s appointments? Share schedules with other family members, set reminders, alerts, even manage shopping lists and recipes with Cozi.

Remember, while digital devices and apps make life easier, you want to be careful about when and how you use them! Bad posture habits like “text neck” where you find yourself straining your head and neck forward past your shoulders when looking down at the computer or your phone can result in muscles strain, tension, and pain.

Blue light exposure from digital devices has also been shown to make it harder for people to fall asleep at night because it suppresses the body’s ability to produce melatonin. Avoid staring at your computer or phone screen right before heading to bed, and use a neck pillow for pain to support good spine alignment and quality sleep.

What other apps do you find super helpful as a senior?

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