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Most Recent Posts from July, 2018

  • Hoarding Help: How to Clean a Hoarder’s House

    Perhaps it just seemed eccentric at first—that accumulation of items your loved one just couldn’t throw out. However, for those who struggle with hoarding behavior, the issues are complex and serious. ... Read More
  • Hip Replacement Failure: How Long Does a Hip Replacement Last?

    If you’ve had your hip replaced, you may be thinking that all of the pain and suffering and surgery is behind you. Unfortunately, hip replacements don’t last forever, so even if you’ve had one, you ... Read More
  • Low-Cost Dentures for Seniors

    There’s no doubt that good oral health is essential, but many seniors require dentures to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, if you’ve begun looking into the costs of dentures, you’ve likely ... Read More
  • Shoulder and Upper Back Pain in Elderly Adults

    As you age, it may seem like you have aches and pains in all sorts of places, but shoulder and upper back pain in elderly adults are two of the most common complains when it comes to pain. The good ... Read More
  • Constipation Emergency: When to Worry About Constipation

    Roughly 42 million Americans struggle with constipation, accounting for nearly 2 billion dollars in emergency room care annually. You probably already know that irregular bowel movements are usually ... Read More
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