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Spring 2018 Scholarship Winner: Christopher Thompson

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the city affectionately known as “The Big Easy”. New Orleans, Louisiana, the home of a vibrant nightlife, decadent food, and soulful music was overcome by the deadly storm.

Amidst its destruction lies the story of a New Orleans native who transcended the devastation of the storm. After losing his home to the floodwaters of Katrina, Christopher Thompson faced an uphill battle facing homelessness, depression, and substance abuse. Chris’s story doesn’t end in destitution and sorrow.  In fact, Chris’s resilience and dedication is the reason he is the recipient of our Jean Griswold Scholarship.

After losing his home and stability due to Hurricane Katrina, Chris dropped out of college. He turned to drugs and alcohol to lessen the sadness of life’s daily challenges. However, while struggling with his addiction, Chris remained close to the ones he loved most. Providing personal care for his grandparents, Chris soon remembered not only the hopes of his grandparents, but the hopes and dreams he had for himself. After spending 2 years escaping his reality, Chris returned to the belief that his life was destined for more. After his recovery, Chris enrolled at Red Rocks Community College where he maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Chris now plans to attend Columbia University in New York where he plans to major in Business Administration. After life proved to be unfair to Chris, he still turned his tragedies into triumph. After receiving his degree, Chris plans to fuse his degree with his experience of caring for others into a business focused on improving the quality of life of others. It is for his resilience, strength, courage, and benevolence that Griswold Home Care is honored and pleased to present Chris Thompson with the Spring 2018 Jean Griswold Scholarship.