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Most Recent Posts from May, 2018

  • Professional Caregiver Burnout: Checklist, Symptoms, Prevention

    Dear Allegra: I am a professional caregiver. For the last 5 years I have been working exclusively with seniors who have Alzheimer’s. Since I lost my grandfather to the disease almost fifteen years ... Read More
  • Online Caregiver Support Groups: List of Options

    Dear Allegra, As the primary caregiver for my father, I find myself more than a little overwhelmed much of the time. Part of the time my stress is tied to not feeling like I’m doing a very good job ... Read More
  • Fatty Liver Diet: Menu, Plan, Recipes

    Eating the wrong foods can damage your liver as much as alcohol. When your body stores too much liver fat, the result is inflammation, scarring, and permanent damage. Even if things don’t go as far as ... Read More
  • Confusion and Anxiety in the Elderly at Night

    When the sun goes down, the feeling of unease can creep into anyone’s mind, but the evening hours can cause both confusion and anxiety in the elderly for a number of reasons, so for caregivers, it’s ... Read More
  • Professional Caregivers: What to Wear on the Job

    Dear Allegra, I just finished the classes and training to become a professional caregiver. Now I am in the process of interviewing with several different home care agencies. My question for you is: ... Read More
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