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Most Recent Posts from October, 2018

  • Caregiver Apps: Help for Caregivers in the Home

    Dear Allegra, My father has been living with Alzheimer’s for three years now, and I have taken on the role as his caregiver. As you can imagine, it is quite challenging. He takes several medications ... Read More
  • Mechanical Diet: List of Soft Foods to Eat [Infographic]

    View full infographic here. Read More
  • What to Do When an Elderly Person Stops Eating

    When you’re a caretaker for an elderly loved one, you worry about a lot of things like falls and complications from medications. What you might not have thought about is what to do when they stop ... Read More
  • Caregivers of Cancer Patients: Words of Encouragement

    Dear Allegra, My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last winter. It is a diagnosis that caught us off guard, as she lives a very healthy lifestyle and has no family history of the disease. I am ... Read More
  • The Benefits of Music for Elderly Adults

    The relationship between music and the elderly can be beneficial both as a form of stress relief and to aid in cognitive abilities. In this piece, we will explore how music can assist seniors in ... Read More
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