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  • The Importance of Independence in Elderly Home Care We have all heard an elderly friend or relative say, “don’t get old.” They may have forgotten a word, or felt an ache in the knees when they tried to stand. We usually respond with a smile and a laugh, or the words, “I don’t have much choice!” But as young healthy adults we ... Continue Reading
  • Creating a Memory Book for Elderly Adults Did you ever make scrapbooks as a kid? They can be a fun way to look back and relive precious memories over and over again. Memory books for adults — especially those with dementia — can have that same effect. Creating a memory book for elderly individuals can be beneficial ... Continue Reading
  • Hair Washing for Elderly Adults It’s not uncommon for older adults to need assistance washing their hair. And for those who have mobility limitations, it may be necessary to provide that assistance in a bed or wheelchair. But exactly how often should the elderly wash their hair, and what can be done to ... Continue Reading
  • Art Classes for Elderly Adults Communication is an integral part of being human. We communicate with our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors – basically every person we meet. It is an important part of self-expression. But as we age, communication becomes more difficult. Perhaps, as friends and ... Continue Reading
  • Protecting Elderly Parents From Siblings A sibling taking advantage of an elderly parent is not only a heartache but it can cause family disputes over elderly parents to erupt. These disputes cause bitterness or even long-term estrangement between sisters and brothers. Elder care sibling tensions are very common, ... Continue Reading
  • Beauty Therapy for the Elderly *Griswold Home Care does not offer hair-cutting or nail-care services, please consult your healthcare provider and discuss what local options are available to you Who doesn’t love a fresh new look? A trendy haircut, a new hair color or a simple shampoo and set can do wonders ... Continue Reading
  • What are the Emotional Needs of the Elderly? Many people associate getting old with changes in body function, but not many recognize there are also emotional changes that come with age. To make things more difficult, the changes brought on by natural changing may be joined by changes related to dementia or other ... Continue Reading
  • Gifts for Seniors: What’s New This Holiday Season? It’s rare to get through a holiday season without having to find the perfect gift for at least a few loved ones. It can be a daunting task to find something personal, relevant, and budget friendly for each person on your list, especially when it comes to family. Gifts for ... Continue Reading
  • Happy Holidays: Remember to Send Cards to Elderly Friends and Family A 2012 study from the National Institute on Aging found a link between loneliness and serious health problems, including death. Of the 1,604 adults over age 60 surveyed, 43% percent experienced loneliness. Sending a card to an elderly person can help them ease these lonely ... Continue Reading
  • Checking on the Elderly: When to be Concerned When you don’t hear from loved ones, it’s natural to feel concerned, especially when it comes to seniors. For many older people, even seemingly mundane injuries can be quite dangerous, even more so when seasonal temperatures reach extremes. Those living with mobility ... Continue Reading
  • Reading to the Elderly: The Hidden Benefits Reading can open passages to difference adventures. In this post, we will review the benefits of reading and list a few short stories to read aloud to the elderly. Reading to the Elderly Benefits When you find good books to read aloud to the elderly, you will quickly notice ... Continue Reading
  • Bill Paying Services for Seniors No one likes to think about bills. While they are a fact of life, there are ways to make them less painful – or at least ways that allow you to think about that pain as little as possible. With technology these days, most bills can be set up to be automatically withdrawn ... Continue Reading
  • Modifying Stairs for the Elderly Many seniors are only one fall away from a loss of independence. And for people who live in homes with stairs, there’s an added risk. But there are actually many ways to make stairs easier and safer for the elderly. Some simple safety assessments and modifications can help ... Continue Reading
  • Hygiene Needs for the Elderly If you have an aging parent or loved one, you want them to live their best life as they get older. Personal hygiene care for the elderly can be an awkward topic of conversation when you’re having the talk with your beloved parent. The elderly lack of personal hygiene can ... Continue Reading
  • Caregiver Competency: Checklist and FAQs Home care agencies, which offer the type of senior care that is considered more custodial than clinical, are vital for older adults and people with disabilities. The services they provide play an important role in keeping clients as independent as is safely possible. These ... Continue Reading
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