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Posts from 2019

  • The Importance of Independence in Elderly Home Care We have all heard an elderly friend or relative say, “don’t get old.” They may have forgotten a word, or felt an ache in the knees when they tried to stand. We usually respond with a smile and a laugh, or the words, “I don’t have much choice!” But as young healthy adults we ... Continue Reading
  • Creating a Memory Book for Elderly Adults Did you ever make scrapbooks as a kid? They can be a fun way to look back and relive precious memories over and over again. Memory books for adults — especially those with dementia — can have that same effect. Creating a memory book for elderly individuals can be beneficial ... Continue Reading
  • Hair Washing for Elderly Adults It’s not uncommon for older adults to need assistance washing their hair. And for those who have mobility limitations, it may be necessary to provide that assistance in a bed or wheelchair. But exactly how often should the elderly wash their hair, and what can be done to ... Continue Reading
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