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Most Recent Posts from April, 2019

  • 4 Dog Breeds Who Make the Perfect Companion for Retirees

    Whilst dogs are generally adaptable to their lifestyle, if, as a senior, you are bringing a new pooch into your home, there are certain things to consider that will make life much easier. Firstly, ... Read More
  • Fluid in Lungs: Elderly Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis

    Having fluid in the lungs can be scary, dangerous, and deeply uncomfortable. As each breath draws fluid into the lungs instead of air, the resulting shortness of breath may feel like drowning. Fluid ... Read More
  • Balance Exercises for Elderly Adults

    There are a variety of different causes of balance problems in older adults, from inner ear issues to nerve damage to certain diseases. Fortunately, family caregivers can learn several easy exercises ... Read More
  • Bowel Changes in the Elderly

    As we age, our digestive system undergoes a number of different changes. Some of these changes are just a natural part of growing old. Some are the result of years of lifestyle and diet decisions ... Read More
  • Caregiver Abuse: What To Do When You Are Mistreated

    Dear Allegra: As a caregiver for my 89-year-old father, my days are hectic and long. My dad lives with my husband and me in our home. We both work full-time, in addition to caring for my father. My ... Read More
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