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Most Recent Posts from August, 2019

  • Why Do We Lose Interest in Things as We Age?

    As our family, friends, and loved ones age, there may be times when it seems they have lost all interest in life. They may complain all their own friends and loved ones have passed away and they are ... Read More
  • Why Stress is Harmful to Bone Health

    You probably know that physical stress (falls, chronic strenuous exercise, and inflammatory foods) can cause bone loss. But did you know that mental stress can have a similar effect? Yes, a person’s ... Read More
  • Ways to Improve the Quality of Life for the Elderly

    As people get older, they may start to feel depressed or feel like a burden to their loved ones. We can help our aging loved ones combat these feelings by helping them improve their quality of life. ... Read More
  • How Can an Older Person Get Up Off the Floor After a Fall?

    Every year, about one quarter of adults over 65 will suffer a fall. It’s no secret that falling can be dangerous, especially for the elderly. But even falls that don’t cause an immediate injury can ... Read More
  • 5 Reasons Why Seniors Struggle To Wake Up

    One of the most common side effects of growing old is thought to be chronic fatigue. Most people assume that tiredness just comes hand in hand with age and there’s nothing that can be done about it. ... Read More
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