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Most Recent Posts from January, 2019

  • Senior Independence: Aging and Loss of Independence

    Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of aging is losing your independence. That’s why so many older adults want to continue to drive long past the time they should turn over their keys and call ... Read More
  • Senior Conversation Starters: Discussion Topics for Elderly Adults

    Talking to Elderly: What Not to Do Talking to seniors can involve several nuances in communication. Here are a few things you’ll want to avoid when speaking with seniors. Don’t give unwanted advice. ... Read More
  • What Is a Good Breakfast for Seniors?

    Nutrition can cause or prevent health conditions. It can worsen or alleviate symptoms. It doesn’t matter of it’s breakfast or dinner; food is essentially medicine. But breakfast can be especially ... Read More
  • Old Timer, Senior Citizen, Elderly Person: What’s in a Name?

    Regardless of your age, there are plenty of names you might be called. Some of them are funny, some are hurtful, and some might be just right. The question for seniors and those who care for them is: ... Read More
  • Caregiver Burden Scale: How to Screen for Caregiver Burden

    Dear Allegra: As the director of a local senior center, I have the privilege of getting to know many of our members well. Some have participated in programs and activities at the center for many ... Read More
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