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Indoor Winter Activities for Seniors

Editor’s note March 31: Significant developments in the coronavirus pandemic mean some of this advice may no longer apply. Please remember to practice social distancing and follow all CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourselves.

Spending long periods of time outdoors may not be an option in this weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Winter indoor activities may seem like they’re few and far between, but there are actually several things seniors can do this season. From board games to museum trips, we rounded up a few indoor activities for adults in the winter.

Indoor Winter Fun

  • Explore overlooked areas in town
    • If you live in or near a tourist destination, you may take some finer landmarks for granted. Take a trip to these areas and appreciate why people love visiting your hometown.
    • Pick up a newspaper for calendar listings or browse online for a local event or show to attend.
  • Visit museums
    • Since museums usually offer senior-citizen discounts or free admission, they offer plenty of fun winter activities for seniors.
    • Look out for exhibits your loved one may enjoy. For example, if they have a love for cars, a museum focusing on automobiles would be a smart choice.
  • Relax with yoga
    • Yoga is an ideal indoor winter activity since it’s a healthy exercise that doesn’t require you to be outdoors. Health benefits include strengthening bones and minimizing anxiety and hypertension.
    • Check your local community center, gym, or community college for senior-friendly classes.
  • Take a shopping trip
    • Take them out to get a new outfit, supplies, food, and other necessities.
    • Shopping is one of the easiest indoor winter activities for seniors, and it encourages exercise and socialization.

Winter Crafts for Senior Citizens

  • Create a collection of memories with photo projects
    • Make a collage or scrapbook with old photos.
    • Scrapbooking and other photo projects are great ways to help seniors with memory issues. Plus, it inspires creativity.
  • Grab a needle and thread to produce a masterpiece
    • Fabric crafts can be fun indoor winter activities since they engage seniors physically and mentally.
    • In addition to having fun, the end result also gives the senior something to wear or use for decoration.
  • Make delicious handmade treats
    • Indulge their sweet tooth while participating in a fun crafty project.
    • Look online for recipes such as Rice Krispie treats, ice-cream snacks, and more.
  • Grow an indoor garden
    • Indoor gardening has been proven to be therapeutic for adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia since it gives them a sense of purpose.
    • Amaryllis is easy to grow indoors and lasts several weeks.

Indoor Winter Games for Adults

  • Improve memory and overall brain health through classic games
    • Indoor activities during winter can include classic games like checkers, chess, and card games, all of which keep the brain healthy by encouraging critical thinking.
    • Bingo is always a classic choice. Check your local community centers for schedules.
  • Sharpen your brain power with trivia
    • Create teams or play one-on-one. Trivia helps adults reminisce and recall knowledge.
    • Purchase a book of trivia to share laughs or quiz each other.
  • Play video games to improve brain functions
  • Enjoy getting to know friends and family through icebreaker games
    • Games can encourage visits from family and friends.
    • Asking everyone in the room a broad question (What did you love to do as a child? What is your favorite movie? Would you rather celebrate Christmas or your birthday every day?) can be a fun way to get to know loved ones.

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