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Most Recent Posts from July, 2019

  • Summer Menu Ideas for Elderly Adults

    The temperatures are getting warmer and it’s important now more than ever to stay hydrated. However, heat can reduce appetite and older adults feel less thirsty than young people. Furthermore, seniors ... Read More
  • My Elderly Neighbor Needs Help: What To Do

    Editor’s note March 31 : Significant developments in the coronavirus pandemic mean some of this advice may no longer apply. Please remember to practice social distancing and follow all CDC guidelines ... Read More
  • Benefits of Swimming for Elderly Adults

    The season for swimming and water activity has arrived. It may have been a while since you’ve enjoyed a dip in the pool, but now is the time to enjoy the many benefits of swimming for seniors. Senior ... Read More
  • Caregiving Tools for Meal Preparation

    Sometimes providing healthy meals for an aging parent is what allows them to remain independent and stay in their home longer. For adult children, however, finding time to accomplish this task every ... Read More
  • How To Deal With Stubborn Aging Parents

    Looking after an aging parent can be stressful. Sometimes seniors become more obstinate with age. Other times, dementia, medications, and similar complications can make things more difficult. But like ... Read More
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