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Most Recent Posts from June, 2019

  • Transportation for Seniors to Medical Appointments

    When loved ones are no longer able to drive, transportation problems can become potentially crippling. It’s estimated about half of Americans over 65 do not have access to public transit. This is ... Read More
  • Meal Planning: Elderly Guidelines

    Eating healthy meals is important during every stage of life. It is not always easy to make healthy food choices. Browsing through the grocery store, one can find a plethora of ready-made meals that ... Read More
  • The Sandwich Generation: Stress and Other Issues

    The sandwich generation is typically defined as adults who are “sandwiched” between taking care of their aging parents and their younger children. There are three variations of this term: The ... Read More
  • In Home Haircuts for Seniors

    *Griswold Home Care does not offer hair care or nail care services, please consult your healthcare provider and discuss what local options are available to you Young or old, most people enjoy looking ... Read More
  • Loss of Taste in Elderly Adults

    As we age, our taste buds start to diminish and we find that we cannot enjoy the same foods as much as we used to. In this post, we will explore why we experience this loss of taste buds with age, ... Read More
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