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In Home Haircuts for Seniors

*Griswold Home Care does not offer hair care or nail care services, please consult your healthcare provider and discuss what local options are available to you

Young or old, most people enjoy looking their best. Unfortunately, seniors who are facing mobility issues or similar concerns can have a difficult time getting that kind of care on a regular basis. Even for seniors who don’t have mobility issues, it’s easy to find an excuse to put off your next haircut. But the good news is that finding in home haircuts for seniors is usually quite easy, so loved ones may not need to struggle finding their next trim.

Aging with Style

As we grow older, the styles that work for us change. For women, limp or thinning hair may be most flattering with pixie cuts, bobs, or similar shorter styles. For people with fine hair, keeping length on top allows for more versatility in styling. Shorter hair has the desirable side effect of being much easier to maintain, too.

Likewise, men who are facing thinning hair or bald spots often look their best while wearing their hair layered and short. Blocked hairlines are good for men with thin necks, while tapered cuts are a better choice for heavyset men with thicker necks. Fortunately, there’s no need to memorize this information when you have the benefit of a stylist who has experience working with senior hair.

Finding an in Home Hair Stylist for Seniors

You may not have heard of it before, but in the digital age, mobile hairdresser is an increasingly common profession. Mobile hairdressers may dye, cut, or otherwise style a client’s hair in any number of different ways. Whether preparing for a formal event, like weddings, or part of a normal routine, mobile hairdressers can be an incredibly convenient service for seniors.

Mobile beauty services often include more than just haircuts, too. On occasion, they’ll include foot care, nail care, and a variety of similar spa services. Apart from the increase in businesses that now specialize in in home hair care for seniors, there are also a number of free apps that can be used to find in-home stylists in your area.

And then there’s the old fashion method. If you can’t find a listing for stylists who specifically perform haircuts at home for seniors, you can try calling stylists and salons in your area to see if they do home visits. If they don’t, you can ask if they know any stylists who do. Another good option is to try asking a local nursing home for the name of the person who services the residents in their faculty.

Feeling Sharp with Elderly Haircuts at Home

Getting the right haircut can help nearly anyone renovate their look, and feel better about how they present themselves to others. Getting your hair cut can be an enjoyable social experience, so most seniors also value the individual attention. Whether or not your loved ones can travel to a salon or barbershop, access to an in home hair stylist for elderly people can make a world of difference.