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Need Someone to Sit with Elderly: Companion Care

Companion Care: When You Need Someone To Sit With Elderly Adults

As family members and loved ones age, it can be difficult for them to spend long periods of time at home alone.  They may find it challenging to complete everyday activities, such as running errands, cleaning the house, or cooking meals. Perhaps they are just lonely, and need some company during the day to chat or play cards. As much as younger friends and family members may want to be helpful and supportive of their elderly relatives and friends, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task to take on while still fulfilling one’s own work, life, and family responsibilities. In this case, a companion or elderly sitter may be the ideal solution.

What Does a Patient Sitter Do?

Adult sitters, or companions for the elderly, can do a large variety of jobs. They may stop by for a few hours during the day simply to provide companion care, or prepare and share lunch with the elderly. They could also accompany the elderly out of the house. While they are not necessarily a chauffeur, they could escort the elderly to a doctor’s appointment or other errands. They could also go with an older adult to a family or social event. That way, relatives can enjoy the family activity rather than worry about their elderly family member. The elderly adult knows he has assistance if needed, and won’t need to feel like a bother or a burden to family members he may need to ask for help.

Your elderly family member may need more than just companionship, and senior sitters can provide this as well. If needed, they can spend the entire day with your senior family member, helping them bathe and dress in the morning, cooking meals throughout the day, and providing reminders to take medication when needed. You may even choose to have live-in care for your senior family member who can no longer take care of himself but wants to stay in the comfort of his own home rather than enter assisted living. These sitters keep the house running along with taking care of the elderly, including tasks like light housekeeping and grocery shopping.

What Does a Sitter Do at a Hospital?

Adult or elderly sitters can be a welcome relief to family members when their elderly loved ones are in the hospital. The patient sitter will stay with the patient at the hospital so the family does not feel obligated to stay at all times. While the hospital sitter does not have the authority to make decisions for the elderly patient, they can speak with doctors and nurses and liaise between them and the family so the family will always stay up to date with information related to the patient. A companion sitter may also be a helpful option if an older relative needs hospice care.