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Most Recent Posts from November, 2019

  • Checking on the Elderly: When to be Concerned

    When you don’t hear from loved ones, it’s natural to feel concerned, especially when it comes to seniors. For many older people, even seemingly mundane injuries can be quite dangerous, even more so ... Read More
  • Reading to the Elderly: The Hidden Benefits

    Reading can open passages to difference adventures. In this post, we will review the benefits of reading and list a few short stories to read aloud to the elderly. Reading to the Elderly Benefits When ... Read More
  • Bill Paying Services for Seniors

    No one likes to think about bills. While they are a fact of life, there are ways to make them less painful – or at least ways that allow you to think about that pain as little as possible. With ... Read More
  • Modifying Stairs for the Elderly

    Many seniors are only one fall away from a loss of independence. And for people who live in homes with stairs, there’s an added risk. But there are actually many ways to make stairs easier and safer ... Read More
  • Hygiene Needs for the Elderly

    If you have an aging parent or loved one, you want them to live their best life as they get older. Personal hygiene care for the elderly can be an awkward topic of conversation when you’re having the ... Read More
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