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Most Recent Posts from September, 2019

  • What is Pet Therapy for the Elderly?

    A furry friend to cuddle and play with can sometimes feel like the cure for any illness. A wagging tail greeting you when you walk through the door or the calming purrs of a contented cat on your lap ... Read More
  • Benefits of Playing Bingo for the Elderly

    Bingo has long been recognized as a pastime for elderly communities but the long-term effects of bingo can often go overlooked. From physical-health to mental-health improvements, let’s take a look at ... Read More
  • Elderly Nail Care: Toenail Cutting for Seniors

    If you have an aging parent or loved one living at home, you may be wondering how to give a pedicure to the elderly. There are precautions you must take when you are cutting toenails for the elderly ... Read More
  • Help Getting Into Bed for the Elderly

    As we grow old, we lose flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. We may also contend with painful joints and a variety of health conditions, from Parkinson’s to dementia. All of these things may ... Read More
  • Medicare Forms, Claims, and Appeals

    Future and current beneficiaries with Medicare health insurance should be familiar with the many Medicare forms. Enrolling in Part A and understanding how to make appeals and file claims is something ... Read More
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