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Outdoor Activities for Elderly in Wheelchairs

Being in a wheelchair can have its share of struggles but it does not mean you have to sacrifice your enjoyment of outdoor activities and games. Spending time in the great outdoors is known to have many health benefits and luckily, there are many outlets to experience these advantages all from the comfort of your wheelchair.

Benefits of Wheelchair Activities

Activities for wheelchair bound seniors can provide physical and emotional benefits. These include:

  • Relieves symptoms of depression and feelings of isolation
  • Makes muscles stronger and more flexible
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases energy levels

Outdoor Activities for Elderly in Wheelchairs

Activities for wheelchair bound adults can range from games with family and friends to simply enjoying nature. In this section, we will review wheelchair games for seniors and other related fun things to do.

  • Hiking
    • It may seem strange to enjoy a hike while in a wheelchair but it is by far the best way to enjoy nature, have a picnic, or do some bird watching.
    • Check the websites of your state and national parks to determine which trails are wheelchair-friendly.
  • Fruit picking
    • Check to see if your town has a nearby farm to safely pick fruit and produce, all while enjoying nature.
    • Once you have filled your basket, head home to enjoy a delicious snack or prepare a meal with the finest ingredients.
  • Having a picnic or garden party
    • You can have a picnic wherever your heart desires. Do you want to have one close to home? Head to your backyard and set up a picnic table filled with delicious meals you prepared in the kitchen. Play some music, put up some lights, and throw together some outdoor games for wheelchair users to get the party going. Do you want to get away from home? Pack a basket with sandwiches and enjoy new surroundings.
    • Picnics are a great way to encourage social interaction and prevent isolation.
  • Attending an outdoor market, festival, or craft show
    • Ditch the cramped spaces of department stores for an outdoor experience at a flea market or craft show. These areas tend to have more space for those in wheelchairs to move about freely.
    • Check your community’s listings for activities to further encourage social interaction.
  • Boating/fishing
    • Seniors can improve their coordination and dexterity while fishing. They can also bring their grandchildren along to give fishing lessons while encouraging social interaction in the process.
    • Most boat ramps and piers are wheelchair accessible. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, charter a fishing boat to immerse yourself in the middle of the water. Many boats can easily accommodate mobility devices with staff on hand for assistance.
  • Dancing
    • Being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice showing off your sweet moves. Search for a dance instructor who can competently teach a wheelchair bound senior so you can dance the night away at your next outdoor party.
    • Organizations such as American DanceWheels Foundation also offer Skype lessons if there aren’t teachers in your immediate area.
  • Team sports and outdoor games