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Posts from 2020

  • Holiday Depression in the Elderly For most of us, the holidays are filled with joy, fun, and excitement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for the seniors in our lives. Depression in the elderly around the holidays is more common than you might think. Holiday Depression in the Elderly A variety of ... Continue Reading
  • Laws Against Taking Advantage of the Elderly Do you feel you have been challenged to the limit since the beginning of 2020? When we turn on our TV’s, we are overwhelmed with news about everything from politics to economics to continuous coverage of COVID-19 and all the controversies these news stories provoke. Yes, we ... Continue Reading
  • Muscle Loss In Seniors: Can It Be Reversed? Losing strength with age is natural. But left unmanaged, muscle loss in seniors can be quite debilitating, even threatening a loss of independence. Sarcopenia (loss of skeletal muscle mass) affects about one in ten adults over the age of 50, which further emphasizes the ... Continue Reading
  • Setting Boundaries With Difficult Elderly Parents Personal boundaries are guidelines or limits we set for ourselves to identify reasonable and permissible ways for others to behave toward us. Setting boundaries with difficult elderly parents can be challenging, especially if boundaries have not been respected in the past. ... Continue Reading
  • How to Report Unsafe Living Conditions of Elderly Adults Senior care providers may want to provide a safe environment for your loved one on paper but unfortunately, there are individuals out there who will take advantage of them as well. Older adults with poor cognitive function, increased physical dependency, and economic and ... Continue Reading
  • Pain Management in Elderly Adults Many seniors and elderly adults believe that experiencing chronic pain is a natural part of aging. Luckily, this is not the case. While pain management for seniors can be trickier than grabbing some Tylenol at your local drug store, there are options that can offer relief. ... Continue Reading
  • COPD in Elderly Adults Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is amazingly common among the elderly. In fact, it’s estimated around 10% of Americans 75-and-up are suffering from it. And surprisingly, even though it’s so common, it can also be challenging to diagnose older adults with COPD. ... Continue Reading
  • The Average Age Seniors Stop Driving As you get older, driving can become more and more dangerous. Seniors giving up driving or limiting driving may be the safest options to move forward. But how would you know the right time to do so? We’ll take a look at some general statistics about seniors driving and ... Continue Reading
  • Why do Some Elderly Adults Die After a Fall? The risk of falls for elderly adults is a serious matter. Statistics show more than one out of four elderly adults fall each year. The consequences of falls in the elderly tend to be more severe and more concerned than those for a younger person. Sometimes a fall can even ... Continue Reading
  • Monitoring Elderly Parents Remotely: What To Know We can’t spend 24-hours a day with our loved ones, but with the help of a few wisely chosen senior home monitoring tools, we can come close. Because in the right circumstances, effective home monitoring for the elderly makes it possible to quickly respond in a fall ... Continue Reading
  • Homelessness Among the Elderly According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, there is a troubling statistic among people between the ages of 50-64. There is an upward trend in the proportion of homelessness among the elderly. Unfortunately, people between the ages of 50 and 64 can fall through the ... Continue Reading
  • Downsizing Tips for Seniors Moving into a smaller space or simply decluttering for seniors can be quite the chore. Whether you’re downsizing your home to make space or downsizing for retirement, we’ll provide you with all of the tools you’ll need. What is Downsizing? Downsizing is when you move into a ... Continue Reading
  • What is a Silver Alert? We hope you never have to file a missing person report, but if you are in a situation that warrants one, it is important to understand the type of report you need to file, and the information you must provide to create active silver alerts. A missing person report is ... Continue Reading
  • Fever in the Elderly: When to Worry For healthy young adults, an occasional fever is usually nothing to worry about. But fever in elderly adults can indicate a wide range of problems, can be the first sign of a serious health problem, or otherwise be far more serious for seniors. So what’s considered a high ... Continue Reading
  • Managing Diabetes in the Elderly Diabetes affects people of all age groups but the senior population experiences it the most. In this post, we will discuss the symptoms of diabetes in elderly adults, managing diabetes in the elderly, and other pieces of useful information about diabetes and the elderly. ... Continue Reading
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