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Most Recent Posts from February, 2020

  • Transportation Services for Elderly Adults

    Ask almost anyone over the age of sixty and they will tell you growing older is almost no fun at all. With age comes wisdom, but also many physical and mental challenges. These physical challenges – ... Read More
  • Celebrating National Caregivers Day

    At Griswold Home Care, our dedicated caregivers serve those who require help at home with tasks like housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and toileting. Established by Providers Association ... Read More
  • Caregiver Apps in 2020

    Being in charge of the care and well-being of a senior can be a daunting responsibility. That’s true whether you are a family caregiver or a professional one. Tasks can be numerous and varied, and ... Read More
  • Assistive Devices for Elderly Adults

    Daily activities become more difficult as we get older but luckily, there are hundreds of devices to help the elderly live rich, productive lives. These devices and gadgets can be used for everything ... Read More
  • Pneumonia in Elderly Adults: What You Should Know

    Pneumonia and the complications of the disease can be serious or even life threatening at any age, but people over the age of 65 are considered a particularly high-risk group. Pneumonia symptoms in ... Read More