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Most Recent Posts from July, 2020

  • Dementia and Anger: Is Anger a Sign of Dementia?

    Caring for someone with dementia can be a challenging experience for everyone concerned. When a loved one begins to show signs of diminishing cognitive functions, family members may not understand the ... Read More
  • Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

    We know that our elderly family members and loved ones value their independence. A main factor of that independence is the ability to live in their homes as long as possible. We also know that as ... Read More
  • Poor Circulation in Feet: Causes and How to Improve

    As we grow older, developing some circulatory impairment is natural. Not only does our circulatory system become less efficient, but we’re also more likely to develop a variety of health conditions ... Read More
  • Causes of Dizziness in Elderly Adults

    Dizziness can be quite debilitating when you don’t keep it in check. For elderly people, it increases your risk of falling, leading to potentially life-threatening situations. Let’s take a look at ... Read More
  • Caring for Elderly Parents: Stress and Emotional Effects

    We all love to plan things. We plan our weddings, the arrival of a new baby, graduation celebrations, birthday parties and simple things like the dinner menu or a lunch date with a friend. Most of us ... Read More
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