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Most Recent Posts from October, 2020

  • Frail Elderly Syndrome: What is Frailty in the Elderly?

    Aging involves a lot of changes to the body. For most adults, bone density peaks around age 30, then it starts a steady decline which continues for the remainder of our lives. In our 40’s, it’s normal ... Read More
  • Leg Cramps in Elderly Adults

    As you age, your tendons naturally shorten and result in leg muscle cramps. These cramps are more likely to occur at night (in fact, 75% of reported leg cramps occur during this time) while you’re ... Read More
  • Malnutrition in Elderly Adults

    Malnutrition in elderly adults can be a serious condition if it is not recognized and treated. Malnutrition in the aging community is not always detected easily. Older adults naturally tend to eat ... Read More
  • How to Help the Elderly Cope with Grief

    Grief is a challenging emotion with which to cope at any age. The sense of loss and feelings of loneliness that often accompany grief can be overwhelming. While grief is often associated with death ... Read More
  • Elderly Loneliness: Reducing Loneliness in the Elderly

    Loneliness isn’t merely a feeling; it’s also a physiological reaction in the body. Not unlike other forms of stress, it can have an impact not only on our sense of wellbeing but also on our physical ... Read More
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