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  • Common Rashes in Elderly Adults Common Rashes in Elderly Adults Changes to the skin are among the most obvious transformation that the body undergoes with age. But in addition to visible differences, like wrinkles or age spots, there are also less obvious changes. Skin becomes thinner, less elastic, boasts ... Continue Reading
  • Podcasts for Seniors: 2021 Recommendations Podcasts. You have probably heard your children or grandchildren talking about them, or maybe heard something on the news like, “true crime podcasts are all the rage these days.” But what is a podcast? The simplest explanation is: radio but on the internet. If you remember ... Continue Reading
  • Anorexia in the Elderly: Eating Disorders in Aging Adults Anorexia may be commonly associated with young people but older adults are equally at risk. Anxiety and depression are common causes of eating disorders and elderly people commonly experience these symptoms. In this post, we will share what you need to know about anorexia ... Continue Reading
  • High Fiber Foods for Seniors There is no clearly defined age that says you have become a senior citizen. Most people consider themselves seniors when they retire from the workplace, sign up for social security and begin to experience the common milestones and challenges that are associated with aging. ... Continue Reading
  • Depression in Seniors: Elderly Mental Health Throughout our lives, our mental health has a close relationship to our physical health. But in our senior years, that relationship can become more pronounced. Putting aside the quality of life concerns for the moment, depression can be quite dangerous. Especially when ... Continue Reading
  • Bowel Incontinence in Elderly Adults We promise there are fun parts of getting older - retirement and freedom to go on exotic vacations whenever you want, senior discounts literally everywhere, being awesome at 70’s music trivia, and bragging to your kids about how you saw Star Wars: A New Hope in theatres. ... Continue Reading
  • Pros and Cons of Dialysis in Elderly Adults When adults experience kidney failure, they may have to undergo dialysis treatment. Dialysis, otherwise known as renal replacement therapy, is the removal of excess waste from the blood. A kidney failure prognosis without dialysis for the elderly is impossible to determine ... Continue Reading
  • Seniors in Prison: What Happens to Elderly Prisoners? Aging behind bars is not on anyone’s bucket list, but crime and punishment do not have an age limit for elderly inmates. An early release is an option in some cases, but an elderly prisoner’s early release can be a long and tedious process. According to a recent study , more ... Continue Reading
  • Hydrocephalus in Elderly Adults: "Water on the Brain" Similar to blood flowing through our veins, cerebrospinal fluid flows through the spinal column and brain. When everything is working, this fluid provides nutrients and removes waste. But when there’s a fluid buildup, the resulting pressure can cause a variety of severe ... Continue Reading
  • Cognitive Changes in Elderly Adults It is an unfortunate fact of aging that our bodies simply do not work the same way at age 65 that they did at age 25. On one hand, this is great news. Puberty, for example, is not a life stage anyone misses. But just like you can’t run as fast at 60 as you could at 30, our ... Continue Reading
  • Heart Valve Disease in the Elderly Have you ever heard the phrase “getting old is not for sissies?” We all look forward to the “golden years” with great anticipation, but sometimes we’re faced with unexpected medical conditions that change the way we’ve planned to spend the advanced years of our lives. Heart ... Continue Reading
  • Normal Heart Rate for Elderly Adults A normal heart rate for seniors is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. However, the resting heart rate for seniors can differ from their heart rate with regular exercise. To determine the target elderly heart rate, you will want to take the maximum heart rate for seniors ... Continue Reading
  • Pfizer Vaccine is Fully Approved: What That Means for Seniors There’s great news for anyone waiting for full FDA approval before getting a COVID-19 vaccine! Pfizer BioNTech vaccine has now been fully approved by the FDA for people 16 and older - making it the first of three COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. to be upgraded from ... Continue Reading
  • Oxygen Levels in Elderly Adults: When to be Concerned Red blood cells carry most of the oxygen in your body. These cells collect oxygen from your lungs and deliver it to all parts of your body to perform necessary functions. That means if you have a low blood oxygen level, you will need some medical attention since it will ... Continue Reading
  • What to do When an Elderly Parent Runs Out of Money For almost anyone with aging parents, it’s natural to have concerns over their financial future. And it can be stressful to figure out how to handle these kinds of situations, especially if you have to determine what to do when an elderly parent runs out of money. But taking ... Continue Reading
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