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Posts from 2021

  • Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Adults: Causes, Treatment, Complications Not being able to make it to the bathroom on time or unexpectedly losing control of your bladder can be quite debilitating. But what causes these conditions and what can we do for treatment? In this post, we will review everything you need to know about urinary incontinence ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Parents Making Poor Decisions We would all like to think the relationship we share with our parents will always be the same, but as parents age, that relationship often changes. One of the most difficult transitions in life occurs when we realize our elderly parents are making poor decisions and they ... Continue Reading
  • Constipation in Elderly Adults: Causes, Prevention, Complications Constipation is unfortunately common in elderly adults. There are a myriad of possible causes and fortunately many different options for preventing or treating constipation. Constipation in the Elderly While it is not necessarily true that an adult should have a bowel ... Continue Reading
  • What to Do When Your Elderly Parent is Mentally Incompetent Worried about a parent making bad decisions? Incompetence comes in many forms, which can make determining what to do when an elderly parent is mentally incompetent a complex topic. But understanding more about your options is a good first step towards making the right ... Continue Reading
  • Low Sodium Levels in the Elderly Low Sodium Levels in the Elderly When blood sodium levels become dangerously low, a condition called hyponatremia can occur. Sodium is an electrolyte that helps regulate the amount of water in your cells and the surrounding tissue. It is important to know what causes low ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Happiness: "My Elderly Parent is Never Happy" “My elderly parent is never happy.” Unfortunately, this is an experience for many caregivers since older adults are more likely to experience depression and social isolation. If you feel your loved one is experiencing depression, be sure to speak with a psychologist or ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Ways to Thank Our Senior Veterans Veterans pledged their loyalty to our country by serving in the military and fighting for our freedom. Whether it's a family member, friend, or a stranger, senior veterans are especially in need of support as their health declines and their resources start to diminish. No ... Continue Reading
  • Nutritional Drinks for Seniors and the Elderly Hardly a commercial break during your favorite show goes by without an ad for some sort of nutritional drink. A humorous ad showing a hungover adult enjoying a children’s electrolyte drink comes to mind, along with numerous other drink options boasting tons of vitamins and ... Continue Reading
  • Psychosis in Elderly Adults: Causes, Signs, Treatment In simple terms, psychosis is when a person misinterprets reality. These types of conditions involve perceptions or interpretations of your environment which are impaired, like false beliefs, disorganized speech, hallucinations, and other irrational behavior. While some ... Continue Reading
  • Road Trips for Seniors: RV Travel Tips You just retired and now it’s time to pack your bags and see the world. Buying or renting an RV can be a great step for seniors wishing to be on the move. But how do you know which RV you should buy or rent? And how do you pay for all of the travel expenses? In this post, we ... Continue Reading
  • Financial Needs of the Elderly: Managing Senior Finances Financial planning for seniors is essential for a life free from elderly financial problems in retirement. One of the most common financial concerns for seniors is running out of money in retirement or outliving the life of investments. If you don’t feel confident in setting ... Continue Reading
  • Gadgets for Seniors Who Want to Remain Independent Our elderly parents and loved ones want to stay independent for as long as possible. And who can blame them? Luckily, these days there are a plethora of gadgets for seniors that can help them with everyday tasks in their home. Gadgets for the Elderly There are so many useful ... Continue Reading
  • Frugal Living Tips for Seniors For people on a fixed income or preparing to enter that lifestyle, knowing how to save money can be nothing short of essential. According to US Government research, most people can expect to spend about two decades in retirement. And over that time, frugal living can be the ... Continue Reading
  • Self Defense for Seniors and the Elderly Sometimes, walking the streets at night can be scary, especially when you’re older and walking alone. However, that does not mean you are helpless. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself safe from potential attackers. In this post, we will review techniques, moves, ... Continue Reading
  • Walking Safety Tips for Seniors Walking Safety Tips for Seniors We all know we should be exercising more. The benefits of walking for older adults can help with weight control and contribute to overall fitness and good health. If you live in a community that caters to people ages 55 and over, elderly ... Continue Reading
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