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Most Recent Posts from February, 2021

  • Delirium in Elderly Adults: Causes, Signs, Recovery

    Delirium can be scary for older adults and for those who care for them. Each individual experiences this altered state of mind differently, and there are a variety of tools to care for these symptoms. ... Read More
  • Signs of the Elderly Giving Up on Life

    Watching an elderly loved one let go of life is one of the most difficult things we ever have to do. Whether it is a beloved parent, grandparent, relative, or friend, no one is ready to face the ... Read More
  • Weak Legs in Elderly Adults: Causes, Risks, Home Care

    Having strong legs can be fairly important for a person’s mobility, but unfortunately, weak leg muscles in the elderly can be caused by countless things. By the time we’re around 30 years old, we ... Read More
  • Short Term Memory Loss in Elderly Adults

    While there are many wonderful things about aging - you get discounts at the grocery store, you don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock, no one judges you when you can’t work a printer - there are ... Read More
  • What are the New Blood Pressure Guidelines for Seniors?

    Blood pressure guidelines aren’t something that change at regular intervals; they’re only adjusted when sufficient evidence suggests change is warranted. The latest adjustment occurred in 2017 when ... Read More
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