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Most Recent Posts from July, 2021

  • Sepsis in Elderly Adults: What To Know

    Along with old age comes many changes, some more subtle than others. For instance, older adults are at greater risk for infection and are more likely to experience atypical symptoms that can be more ... Read More
  • Family Caregiving: "I Don't Want to Care for my Elderly Parents"

    Many young or middle-aged people live with the assumption that they will have to take care of their parents when they get older. This is often a societal and cultural expectation - in some Eastern ... Read More
  • Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Adults: Causes, Treatment, Complications

    Not being able to make it to the bathroom on time or unexpectedly losing control of your bladder can be quite debilitating. But what causes these conditions and what can we do for treatment? In this ... Read More
  • Elderly Parents Making Poor Decisions

    We would all like to think the relationship we share with our parents will always be the same, but as parents age, that relationship often changes. One of the most difficult transitions in life occurs ... Read More
  • Constipation in Elderly Adults: Causes, Prevention, Complications

    Constipation is unfortunately common in elderly adults. There are a myriad of possible causes and fortunately many different options for preventing or treating constipation. Constipation in the ... Read More
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