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Most Recent Posts from February, 2022

  • How Does Parkinson's Disease Affect Daily Life?

    Parkinson’s sounds like a very scary disease. Many people may hear about it and wonder what it is like living with Parkinson’s disease. Luckily, since it is a gradual disease, it is possible to live a ... Read More
  • "Old People Smell": Does Body Odor Increase With Age?

    Does body odor change as you get older? You may notice unique smells with older people but that doesn’t necessarily mean that old people smell “bad.” In this post, we will review the science behind ... Read More
  • Behavioral Changes in Old Age: Why Do Some Old People Get Mean?

    Sometimes it feels like elderly people are always angry, and not just because they can’t figure out the TV remote. If we’re being honest, TV remotes these days are far too complicated, even for the ... Read More
  • What is a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR)?

    Resuscitating a loved one from death may seem like an easy decision on paper but when they are chronically ill, it could pose more harm than good. That’s when getting a DNR is a more viable option. ... Read More
  • Increased Flatulence With Age: Why Do Older Adults Have More Gas?

    If you’re a senior, you have probably faced a few embarrassing moments that go along with aging. Have you had to ask your grandkids or others to repeat themselves because you just don’t hear like you ... Read More
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