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Most Recent Posts from January, 2022

  • How to Find Out if Someone has a Will

    The death of a loved one is always a challenging time. Not knowing whether or not your loved one has a will can make that time even more difficult. But how do you find out if someone has a will? ... Read More
  • Home Remedies for Bed Sores in Seniors and the Elderly

    Bed sores — also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers — occur due to prolonged pressure, such as sitting or lying in the same position for a long time. These painful injuries can lead to several ... Read More
  • What Causes Bleeding Years After a Hysterectomy?

    Women who have had a hysterectomy can sometimes experience bleeding years after the surgery was performed. Why would a woman bleed if she had a hysterectomy or why would she experience spotting years ... Read More
  • Does Power of Attorney End at Death?

    This is an important question that comes up after the death of a loved one. Before we determine what happens to a power of attorney (POA) after death, we must establish exactly what a power of ... Read More
  • Signs of Concussion in Elderly Adults

    Each year, about one-quarter of all seniors experience a fall. While many will get up relatively unscathed, others will suffer severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries related to ... Read More