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Celebrating Four Decades of Quality Care ~ 1982 - 2022

Most Recent Posts from September, 2022

  • Can Diabetics Use Heating Pads and Blankets?

    Diabetes is a challenging disease that requires attentiveness and cares to manage. One of the symptoms of diabetes is nerve damage called neuropathy. Neuropathy is particularly common in the toes and ... Read More
  • Do Patients with Dementia Lose Weight?

    Dementia can cause various side effects but did you know that weight loss is one of them? This brings up a number of other questions. Do patients with dementia lose weight? Is weight loss a symptom of ... Read More
  • Symptoms of Diabetes in Elderly Adults

    Symptoms of Diabetes in Elderly Adults Diabetes and elderly are two words that seem to be linked when we think about conditions that occur in the over 65 crowd. Diabetes is a condition that does not ... Read More
  • Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: Providing Care

    Cystic fibrosis is a disease that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. While it is life-threatening, over the last few decades the life ... Read More
  • Cyber Security Tips for Seniors

    Older people are scammed out of more than $3 billion each year and this population is typically a top target for con artists, especially online. In this post, we will review some scams to look out for ... Read More
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