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Help at Home: "My Elderly Mother is Consuming My Life"

Life isn’t always easy. We are never really prepared for the changes that take place with the passage of time. One of those transitions begins when our parents get older, fragile, and unable to care for themselves.

I will always take care of my mom.

Caring for my mother will be easy. I care for my elderly mother so I’ll just move her in with me when the time comes. Have you rolled these thoughts around in your head from time to time as the years fly by?

Most of us watch our parents as they age and think caring for them will come naturally and require minimal adjustments to make it work.

And then reality sets in.

If you have had a strained relationship with a parent for years, the stress level often increases when you try to share a home. Or maybe your mom has developed dementia or Alzheimer’s and the accompanying personality changes find you thinking “my mother’s dementia is killing me, and I am not equipped to handle it.”

Do you hear people you know say things like “my elderly mother stresses me out,” “caring for my elderly mother is killing me,” or “my mother is becoming unbearable?”

How does that happen?

How can a son or daughter say such things about the person who gave them life? What about an extreme case when you hear someone say, “I hate my elderly mother?”

Families have been challenged by this cycle of life for decades. The great thing about living in 2023 is that there is help for you and your loved one. Many of the obstacles that interfere with intergenerational harmony can be addressed and resolved.

If you find yourself in the position of caregiver for an aging parent it’s usually at a time in your life when you’re still working, raising kids, paying for college and trying to build security for your future. So your stress level is already high when you realize you have to move mom in with you to keep an eye on her.

Yikes! How is that going to work?

The answer is simple. You don’t have to do it alone. Seeking help will make the transition work for you, your family and your loved one. No one wants to have the feelings of desperation and hopelessness we talked about here.

Whether you move your mom or dad in with you or opt to provide the necessary care for them in their own home, Griswold has the trained staff and experience to help you. Once you have the help you need, caring for your loved one can be a pleasant experience rather than an unbearable burden.

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How do I get home care for my mother?

You can contact your local Griswold  office to set up an appointment for an assessment. Our staff will work with you to determine the level of care your loved one requires, and they can also provide ongoing help and support for you.

So don’t put it off. As soon as you realize the need is imminent, give Griswold a call. We will help you get off to a positive start for you and your family. We’ll make sure you have a workable plan before the stress level gets out of control.