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Post-Holiday Reflections: Does My Senior Loved One Need In-Home Care?

Although the holidays are an ideal time to become reacquainted with senior loved ones, you may find yourself noticing cognitive and physical changes in them after reflecting on the moments you just spent together. They may have shared the same story twice, left the pie in to bake for a little too long, or even called you by the wrong name. Holiday gatherings are usually filled with light-hearted and cheerful conversations, however it’s important to reflect on these moments and talk with your loved one to see how they are really feeling, especially if you see concerning signs. Although challenging, remember that discussing in-home care for your older loved ones will ultimately allow them to keep their independence and help them live in the place they love, longer!


After visiting older loved ones during the holidays, did you notice changes in their physical or mental health, and living space conditions? It can be difficult to discern if the symptoms you noticed in your loved one should be addressed. Below are some indicators to help determine if they need household support on a regular basis:

  • Weekly Pill Dispenser is Still Full
  • Expired Medication Bottles
  • Untidy Living Space
  • Declining Personal Grooming and Hygiene
  • Cabinets Aren’t Well Stocked
  • Spoiled Food in Refrigerator
  • Confusion and Forgetfulness
  • Changes in mental status or changes to their personality
  • Neglecting Property (dents/scratches in car, burn or scorch marks on pots or kitchen countertops)
  • Frailty and Unsteadiness
  • Unopened Mail Piling Up
  • Unlocked Doors and Windows
  • Vagueness in answers to questions around recent doctor appointments, preparing meals, etc.
  • Feeling that something is "off" with your aging loved one

Not sure if the signs you noticed in your loved one are concerning, or if there are enough signs to elicit caregiver services? Take our quiz to find out if it's time to get help for your senior friend or family member. Anne McSweeney, LCSW, President, CEU Creations, who has worked primarily with the geriatric population in home health, hospice, and dialysis, collaborated with us to create this simple but important quiz to provide guidance when deciding if it's time to get help for your loved one. Our goal is to provide insight on what kind of care they may need based on your answers!

“It’s critical to take a proactive stance and have difficult conversations about your aging loved one’s changing health early on to plan ahead and ensure their wishes are not only known but also carried out, if possible … Taking initiative in this process helps prevent problems before they start, reduces the risk of unplanned hospital admissions, avoids crisis situations, and empowers your older loved one to manage their own conditions.” Anne McSweeney, LCSW, President, CEU Creations

While this can be an emotional and challenging process for everyone involved, Griswold Home Care can support you with the tools, resources, and care needed to help your loved one live in the place they love, while giving you peace of mind that they are receiving the compassionate care they deserve.

After taking the quiz, make sure to fill out the website form, and someone will be in touch to educate you about home care, discuss your loved one's needs, and answer any questions you may have! Have a safe and happy holiday season!


About Anne McSweeney:

For over 16 years, Anne has been developing cutting-edge, educational trainings for clinicians throughout the country through in-person and online CE trainings. Anne has been a licensed social worker since 1994 and has a unique background in social work and community relations. Prior to finding her niche providing educational trainings, Anne practiced medical social work for over eight years – working primarily with the geriatric population in home health, hospice, and dialysis. The lessons she learned from her patients stay with her to this day and influence every aspect of her work with CEU Creations.

CEU Creations was founded in 2010 by Anne to meet the need for affordable and engaging CE trainings for helping professionals. Their unique business model connects valuable resources with these helping professionals, thus allowing them, to keep costs low for our attendees. Using unconventional and innovative approaches to learning, CEU Creations’ trainings are true experiences with informative and fun content! For more information, visit or call 404-421-6055


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