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Most Recent Posts from June, 2023

  • Diabetes Life Expectancy

    A diabetes diagnosis can be scary and can lead to many questions. What type of diabetes do I have? What are the differences between the types? What is the life expectancy for diabetes? How will it ... Read More
  • Why do the Elderly Shuffle Their Feet?

    Sometimes, you may notice that elderly shuffle feet when they walk and it can be quite concerning. Sometimes, they may not even notice that they’re doing it. But why do elderly shuffle their feet? In ... Read More
  • Pros and Cons of Retesting Elderly Drivers

    All of us have had some sort of experience with an elderly driver on the road. Whether they are driving too slowly, making dangerous decisions at intersections, or weaving around the road, we have all ... Read More
  • Elderly Adult Eating Only Sweets

    Have you noticed your elderly loved one seems to be eating only sweets? Don’t worry, they are not just making up for their moms not allowing them to eat too much Halloween candy when they were ... Read More
  • Senior Foot Care: How to Keep Feet Healthy as you Age

    Foot care for older adults can often be forgotten due to a growing laundry list of demanding responsibilities. However, foot care for the elderly should be just as much a part of any caregiving ... Read More
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