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Most Recent Posts from September, 2023

  • How to Help an Elderly Person with Toileting

    Caring for an elderly individual, be it a parent, grandparent, or client, often involves addressing some personal tasks that both parties might initially find uncomfortable. Among these tasks, ... Read More
  • Family Matters: Which Sibling Should Take Care of Parents?

    Griswold has always placed family at the center of everything we do. With an aging population, it's more common than ever for families to be confronted with a tough decision: As parents age, which ... Read More
  • Asthma in the Elderly: Does Asthma Get Worse With Age?

    When we think of asthma, we often associate it with children or athletes. However, we seldom discuss how it affects the elderly population Is asthma in the elderly a different disease compared to ... Read More
  • Signs an Elderly Parent Should Not Drive

    One of the most difficult things an adult child of an aging parent must do is convince their mom or dad that it’s time to give up the car keys. It can be difficult to talk to a loved one about their ... Read More
  • When the Elderly Stop Taking Medication: What To Do

    Dealing with a senior loved one who stopped taking their medication can be a difficult situation. However, it is essential to understand that seniors may have valid reasons for refusing medical care. ... Read More
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