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Most Recent Posts from January, 2024

  • Recurrent Falls in Elderly Adults

    Falls by older adults can be concerning, especially when they happen on a recurring basis. But why do the elderly experience falls more often than other adults? What are the possible causes of falls? ... Read More
  • What to Donate to the Elderly

    Senior citizens, often on fixed incomes, can sometimes have difficulty purchasing all the items they need to stay safe and healthy in their homes. Even seniors living in care facilities may find ... Read More
  • Spontaneous Black Eye in Elderly Adults

    Have you ever noticed or even personally experienced under-eye bruising for no reason? It can be quite concerning when this occurs seemingly out of nowhere, especially for older adults. However, ... Read More
  • Most Common Surgeries for Elderly Adults

    As adults age, they may require more complex needs, including surgery. Any surgery comes with risks, but what are they? What are the riskiest surgeries for seniors? In this post, we will review the ... Read More