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Aging in Place as a Family

  • Things To Do With Elderly Adults At Home Figuring out the best way to spend time with the elderly can involve navigating a few hurdles. For instance, older adults may be more sensitive to temperature or face a variety of mobility limitations. But with the right approach, it’s not that difficult to learn fun things ... Continue Reading
  • Protecting Elderly Parents From Siblings A sibling taking advantage of an elderly parent is not only a heartache but it can cause family disputes over elderly parents to erupt. These disputes cause bitterness or even long-term estrangement between sisters and brothers. Elder care sibling tensions are very common, ... Continue Reading
  • What are the Emotional Needs of the Elderly? Many people associate getting old with changes in body function, but not many recognize there are also emotional changes that come with age. To make things more difficult, the changes brought on by natural changing may be joined by changes related to dementia or other ... Continue Reading
  • Gifts for Seniors: What’s New This Holiday Season? It’s rare to get through a holiday season without having to find the perfect gift for at least a few loved ones. It can be a daunting task to find something personal, relevant, and budget friendly for each person on your list, especially when it comes to family. Gifts for ... Continue Reading
  • Reading to the Elderly: The Hidden Benefits Reading can open passages to difference adventures. In this post, we will review the benefits of reading and list a few short stories to read aloud to the elderly. Reading to the Elderly Benefits When you find good books to read aloud to the elderly, you will quickly notice ... Continue Reading
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