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Aging in Place as a Family

  • When Elderly Parents Won't Listen Whether they refuse to move to a safer location or if they simply won’t accept the reality of their medical ailments, it can be frustrating dealing with an aging parent who doesn’t listen. However, there are steps you can take and things you can say to make the situation ... Continue Reading
  • Moving an Elderly Parent into your Home As our parents age, it's common for their role to change from a caregiver to someone who requires care. In situations where a parent is no longer able to live independently, it may be necessary for them to move in with their child. As the child in this scenario, this ... Continue Reading
  • Keeping Elderly Couples Together Have you ever heard the saying “Getting older is not for sissies?” That saying holds true for seniors facing the challenges that aging inevitably brings. Who is that person staring back at you when you look in the mirror? Silver strands have weaved their way into your ... Continue Reading
  • Filing Taxes for Elderly Parents If you are caring for an elderly parent, when April rolls around, you will probably have questions related to taxes. Bad enough that you have to stress about your own taxes, and now you are also left wondering, “when do seniors stop filing tax returns?” and hoping the answer ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Happiness: "My Elderly Parent is Never Happy" “My elderly parent is never happy.” Unfortunately, this is an experience for many caregivers since older adults are more likely to experience depression and social isolation. If you feel your loved one is experiencing depression, be sure to speak with a psychologist or ... Continue Reading
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