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Aging in Place as a Family

  • Filing Taxes for Elderly Parents If you are caring for an elderly parent, when April rolls around, you will probably have questions related to taxes. Bad enough that you have to stress about your own taxes, and now you are also left wondering, “when do seniors stop filing tax returns?” and hoping the answer ... Continue Reading
  • Senior Happiness: "My Elderly Parent is Never Happy" “My elderly parent is never happy.” Unfortunately, this is an experience for many caregivers since older adults are more likely to experience depression and social isolation. If you feel your loved one is experiencing depression, be sure to speak with a psychologist or ... Continue Reading
  • Frugal Living Tips for Seniors For people on a fixed income or preparing to enter that lifestyle, knowing how to save money can be nothing short of essential. According to US Government research, most people can expect to spend about two decades in retirement. And over that time, frugal living can be the ... Continue Reading
  • Choosing Between Spouse and Elderly Parent Choosing Between Spouse and Elderly Parent As the circle of life unfolds, many adult children find themselves caring for an elderly parent. In some cases, that means taking care of little things, such as picking up groceries, taking them to the doctor, or helping with ... Continue Reading
  • Living with Elderly Parents: What to Consider Living with your elderly parents can seem like a great idea. Living together means there is no need to pay rent or a mortgage on two different houses. If your elderly parents are young and healthy, they can become “built-in” babysitters, leaving you free for a date night and ... Continue Reading
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