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Assistive Devices

  • What to do When an Elderly Parent Can't Walk Anymore Fears of your elderly parent falling can cause you a lot of distress, especially if they live alone. We know there are accessibility options such as wheelchair assistance for parents but what do you do when your loved one refuses to use them? And how can you make their home ... Continue Reading
  • Assistive Devices for Elderly Adults Daily activities become more difficult as we get older but luckily, there are hundreds of devices to help the elderly live rich, productive lives. These devices and gadgets can be used for everything from walking to ensuring home safety. In this post, we will review devices ... Continue Reading
  • Outdoor Activities for Elderly in Wheelchairs Being in a wheelchair can have its share of struggles but it does not mean you have to sacrifice your enjoyment of outdoor activities and games. Spending time in the great outdoors is known to have many health benefits and luckily, there are many outlets to experience these ... Continue Reading
  • Wheelchair Safety Training for Caregivers Dear Allegra: I am a caregiver for my father as he recovers from a stroke. While he is making progress, he still relies on a wheelchair when we go anywhere that requires much walking. My husband gets a little nervous that we don’t know much about proper wheelchair use. He ... Continue Reading
  • Adaptive Devices for Elderly Adults: Home Remodeling Thanks to recent advances in technology, adaptive devices can assist elderly adults more than ever before. Devices like temporary stair railings, mobility assistive devices, wearable smart technology, door alarms, magnifying glasses, SOS buttons, and speaking computers all ... Continue Reading
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