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Assistive Devices

  • Assistive Devices for Elderly Adults Daily activities become more difficult as we get older but luckily, there are hundreds of devices to help the elderly live rich, productive lives. These devices and gadgets can be used for everything from walking to ensuring home safety. In this post, we will review devices ... Continue Reading
  • Adaptive Devices for Elderly Adults: Home Remodeling Thanks to recent advances in technology, adaptive devices can assist elderly adults more than ever before. Devices like temporary stair railings, mobility assistive devices, wearable smart technology, door alarms, magnifying glasses, SOS buttons, and speaking computers all ... Continue Reading
  • Gardening & Gardening Equipment Adjustments for Seniors Gardening has many therapeutic and health benefits for seniors, particularly when it comes to growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Garden tools, equipment, and beds – these all can be modified to create the garden which is productive, accessible, and interesting. ... Continue Reading
  • Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: Brain Implants & Memory Chips? If the 20th century was defined by the achievements of physics, the 21st century will no doubt be defined by the achievements of biology. To most people, the amazing advances in medical research taking place right now seem like they’re straight out of the pages of a science ... Continue Reading
  • Personal Assistants: Technology Help for Seniors When you think about assistive devices for seniors, you probably think about wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, or any number of the common devices that over two-thirds of older adults use to lead better lives. What you probably don’t think about is Grandpa using the latest ... Continue Reading
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