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Brain & Head Injuries

  • Brain Bleed After a Fall in the Elderly When bleeding occurs between the brain tissue and skull or within the brain tissue itself, it can cause life-threatening brain damage. If you or a loved one experiences a severe injury to the head after a fall, you should call 911 immediately. In this post, we will review ... Continue Reading
  • What Causes Brain Fog in the Elderly? Have you ever walked into the kitchen but couldn’t remember why? Do you find yourself forgetting how to complete familiar or mundane tasks? How about conversations? Can you follow what’s being said and remember it an hour later? Have you walked out to a parking lot and ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of Concussion in Elderly Adults Each year, about one-quarter of all seniors experience a fall. While many will get up relatively unscathed, others will suffer severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries related to concussions. Because seniors often never mention they’ve taken a fall, certain ... Continue Reading
  • Hydrocephalus in Elderly Adults: "Water on the Brain" Similar to blood flowing through our veins, cerebrospinal fluid flows through the spinal column and brain. When everything is working, this fluid provides nutrients and removes waste. But when there’s a fluid buildup, the resulting pressure can cause a variety of severe ... Continue Reading
  • Transient Aphasia: Causes of Temporary Aphasia It’s an unnerving experience to lose your ability to communicate, but it’s not that uncommon. Aphasia can occur anytime the speech center of your brain is obstructed in some way. Permanent aphasia is the result of brain damage, while transient aphasia can be caused by any ... Continue Reading
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