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Breast Cancer

  • Early Stage Breast Cancer in Elderly Adults Breast cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the breast. It mainly affects women, though men can have breast cancer as well. Breast cancer is unfortunately a disease associated with aging. According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, “The median age of breast ... Continue Reading
  • Breast Cancer in Men Over 50: What You Need to Know Regardless of your gender, every person is born with some breast tissue. While men develop less breast tissue than women, the fact men have any at all means they’re vulnerable to breast cancer. While nearly one in eight women will face breast cancer over the course of their ... Continue Reading
  • Seniors & Stage 4 Breast Cancer: What to Expect Any diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming, but a diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer can be heartbreaking. However, with advances in modern medical technology and treatments, many women and men, are living with chronic breast cancer for longer periods of time. What ... Continue Reading
  • Early Signs of Breast Cancer in Seniors That May Surprise You Like most cancers, the sooner you discover and begin treatment of breast cancer the better. In fact, during stage 1, there is about a 100% survival rate of five years. This is why it is important for seniors to always be on the look out for warning signs and risk factors of ... Continue Reading
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Options for Elderly Women Every woman dreads the diagnosis of breast cancer regardless of her age. Studies show that one out of eight women who reach the age of eighty in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in her life, and half of those cases will be women between the ages of ... Continue Reading
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