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  • Prostate Cancer Life Expectancy Prostate cancer and life expectancy can be scary to think about but there are treatments to prolong life, such as chemo, radiation, and hormone therapy. In this post, we will examine the information you will need for prostate cancer life expectancy. Life Expectancy After ... Continue Reading
  • Caregivers of Cancer Patients: Words of Encouragement Dear Allegra, My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last winter. It is a diagnosis that caught us off guard, as she lives a very healthy lifestyle and has no family history of the disease. I am working with my father and siblings to provide her with the care she needs ... Continue Reading
  • Melanoma Facts: Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Questions May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and as the weather warms up, there’s no better time to learn about preventable skin cancer. If you’ve ever noticed a new or unusual mole on your body and felt concerned about it, your concern isn’t unwarranted. Skin cancer is quite common, ... Continue Reading
  • Primary Bone Cancer In Elderly Adults Primary bone cancer is never an easy diagnosis to cope with, and bone cancer in elderly adults can be even more difficult. Seniors who are afflicted with cancer often have very different concerns and priorities than young adults or children. In many cases, their principal ... Continue Reading
  • Common Cancers In Older Adults: Warning Signs and Treatment for the Elderly Cancer – just the word itself can send chills through a person. An actual diagnosis can cause the patient and their family to go into a tailspin. However, modern medicine and technology has come a long way in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is not always the death ... Continue Reading
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