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Dementia Care

  • Paranoia in Elderly Adults As our loved ones age and experience cognitive decline, they may occasionally show signs of paranoia. Paranoia in elderly adults is frightening both for the senior experiencing it and the caregiver trying to comfort them. Paranoia can be caused by a few different things ... Continue Reading
  • Dementia and Anger: Is Anger a Sign of Dementia? Caring for someone with dementia can be a challenging experience for everyone concerned. When a loved one begins to show signs of diminishing cognitive functions, family members may not understand the behaviors that accompany a diagnosis of dementia. Dementia can’t be ... Continue Reading
  • How to Encourage Social Interaction for a Person with Dementia It’s often said that humans are social creatures, especially when it comes to our health and sense of wellbeing. Studies have shown people with satisfying relationships are less likely to have health problems. They also tend to live longer, happier lives. Of course, dementia ... Continue Reading
  • How To Know When Your Loved One Is Sundowning Most people understand that people with dementia have their good days and their bad days. What’s less known is that the symptoms of dementia can also be affected by the time of day. Researchers named this phenomenon sundown syndrome, and it’s fairly common among people with ... Continue Reading
  • Terminal Lucidity: Dementia Clarity Before Death Experiencing a burst of energy before death sounds like it would only happen in dramatic films or other forms of fiction. But it’s actually fairly common, and has been observed in modern medical literature for at least two and a half centuries. You can even find accounts ... Continue Reading
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