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Dementia Care

  • Sudden Increased Appetite in Elderly Adults As we age, dementia is one of the most common issues older adults will experience. By now, most people are familiar with common side effects like memory loss and difficulty processing information or completing daily tasks. One of the often less reported side effects of ... Continue Reading
  • Forgetful in Old Age: Elderly Forgetfulness Thanksgiving is over, and we have all returned to our busy lives in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. Home for the holidays is the place most of us want to be. When you reflect on your time at home this Thanksgiving, are the following thoughts crossing your mind ... Continue Reading
  • Do Patients with Dementia Lose Weight? Dementia can cause various side effects but did you know that weight loss is one of them? This brings up a number of other questions. Do patients with dementia lose weight? Is weight loss a symptom of dementia? What are some ways to treat losing weight with dementia? In this ... Continue Reading
  • Anosognosia: Does Someone with Dementia Know They Have it? Are dementia patients aware of their condition? Many people struggle with a parent in denial about dementia or a spouse in denial of dementia. Dementia impaired judgment can cause distorted perceptions of reality. However, it’s important to note that being in denial about ... Continue Reading
  • Sundowners: Light Therapy for Dementia Cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are debilitating and demoralizing - both for those that suffer from the disease as well as their caregivers. Because these diseases are so dreadful, research is almost constantly being done to find treatments and ... Continue Reading
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