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Celebrating Four Decades of Quality Care ~ 1982 - 2022

Dementia Care

  • Constant Throat Clearing and Dementia If you live with an elderly person, you may notice they are constantly clearing their throat. It is probably worse after meals, and it usually isn’t a gentle “ahem” either. It could be a lengthy and frankly disgusting sound. Turns out throat clearing is more than just an ... Continue Reading
  • What Not to Say to Someone with Dementia What Not to Say to Someone with Dementia: Communicating with a loved one who has dementia can be difficult and heartbreaking. When a person is confused and disoriented the last thing you want to do is make matters worse, so it is important to know what not to say to someone ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of Dementia: Paranoia, Accusations, and Lying Dealing with an elderly parent lying can be quite cumbersome. If your loved one has dementia and is frequently lying, you may be wondering the following questions. Does someone with dementia tell lies? Is lying a symptom of dementia? How do I deal with my elderly loved one ... Continue Reading
  • Dementia and OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Elderly Adults Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) causes persistent, upsetting thoughts (obsessions) that cause anxiety which the sufferer then uses rituals (compulsions) to control. When obsessive-compulsive disorder in the elderly becomes severe, it can interfere with everyday life. For ... Continue Reading
  • Dementia: Repetitive Speech, Looping, and Same Story Syndrome Have you ever had the experience of an elderly loved one telling the same story over and over? When it comes to dementia, repetitive speech is quite common and can result in same story syndrome or dementia looping. But what does it mean when a person keeps repeating ... Continue Reading
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