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Depression & Mental Health

  • Holiday Depression in the Elderly For most of us, the holidays are filled with joy, fun, and excitement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for the seniors in our lives. Depression in the elderly around the holidays is more common than you might think. Holiday Depression in the Elderly A variety of ... Continue Reading
  • How to Help the Elderly Cope with Grief Grief is a challenging emotion with which to cope at any age. The sense of loss and feelings of loneliness that often accompany grief can be overwhelming. While grief is often associated with death and loss of a loved one, it is an emotion that can follow any major life ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Suicide: Prevention, Risk Factors, & More A difficult and uncomfortable subject that nevertheless must occasionally be discussed is suicide among the elderly. Despite the fact that we don’t often think of older adults when we consider suicide, it is unfortunately an issue. According to the American Association for ... Continue Reading
  • What are the Emotional Needs of the Elderly? Many people associate getting old with changes in body function, but not many recognize there are also emotional changes that come with age. To make things more difficult, the changes brought on by natural changing may be joined by changes related to dementia or other ... Continue Reading
  • What is Pet Therapy for the Elderly? A furry friend to cuddle and play with can sometimes feel like the cure for any illness. A wagging tail greeting you when you walk through the door or the calming purrs of a contented cat on your lap can be just what you need after a long day. The loyalty and companionship ... Continue Reading
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