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Elder Abuse & Scams

  • Elderly Being Manipulated: What to Do As our parents and elderly loved ones age, their well-being becomes even more paramount to us. It becomes even more challenging when we consider the potential risks they face, such as financial scams, emotional pressures, or those misusing their authority. With this blog, ... Continue Reading
  • Elder Abuse Statistics and Facts Abuse can happen to anyone, including senior citizens. If you witness any type of elder abuse, be sure to call 9-1-1 or contact Adult Protective Services. But what exactly is elder abuse? In this post, we will answer this question along with many others, including: What is ... Continue Reading
  • Laws Against Taking Advantage of the Elderly Do you feel you have been challenged to the limit since the beginning of 2020? When we turn on our TV’s, we are overwhelmed with news about everything from politics to economics to continuous coverage of COVID-19 and all the controversies these news stories provoke. Yes, we ... Continue Reading
  • How to Report Unsafe Living Conditions of Elderly Adults Senior care providers may want to provide a safe environment for your loved one on paper but unfortunately, there are individuals out there who will take advantage of them as well. Older adults with poor cognitive function, increased physical dependency, and economic and ... Continue Reading
  • Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly Con artists will often target older adults with various schemes and frauds to milk them for money. These can include everything from preying on their vulnerability to posing as various “helpful” services. Let’s take a look at financial scams targeting the elderly and ways to ... Continue Reading
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