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Elder Abuse & Scams

  • Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly Con artists will often target older adults with various schemes and frauds to milk them for money. These can include everything from preying on their vulnerability to posing as various “helpful” services. Let’s take a look at financial scams targeting the elderly and ways to ... Continue Reading
  • What to Do if Your Elderly Parent is Being Scammed An estimated five million people fall victim to financial scams every year. Due to the prevalent belief that older adults have large sums of saved money sitting in their bank accounts, the senior population is often targeted in these scams. Scammers who target the elderly ... Continue Reading
  • Taking Control of Elderly Parents’ Finances Money can be a difficult topic in any relationship—especially between adult children and their aging parents. For many seniors, handling finances effectively can become a challenge as they age, particularly if cognitive decline is involved. Here, we’ll dig into what makes ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Gambling Addiction: Signs of Gambling Addiction in Seniors Bingo! It’s a common cry that echoes through senior communities. It’s also a seemingly harmless hobby that can lead to trouble if a gambling addiction is involved. With a gambling industry intent on preying on the vulnerabilities seniors face, it’s no wonder some experts ... Continue Reading
  • Exploitation of the Elderly: How to Report Elder Abuse Every year, over five million Americans suffer from elder abuse. Even though this abuse is widespread, it usually goes unreported. And the victims of elder abuse don’t just suffer abuse – their risk of death is increased threefold as a consequence of their suffering. That’s ... Continue Reading
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