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Elderly Isolation

  • How to Encourage the Elderly to Participate in Activities The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has linked loneliness and social isolation to serious health conditions in the elderly. Social isolation was associated with about a 50% increase in dementia and other serious medical conditions. With those statistics, ... Continue Reading
  • When Aging Parents Can't Live Alone The baby boomer generation is growing older which is leaving many Millennials wondering, “Can I leave my elderly parent home alone?” Whether or not to leave an elderly parent alone is a difficult decision, especially because once you determine they cannot be alone, you need ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly Loneliness: Reducing Loneliness in the Elderly Loneliness isn’t merely a feeling; it’s also a physiological reaction in the body. Not unlike other forms of stress, it can have an impact not only on our sense of wellbeing but also on our physical health. In some circumstances, chronic loneliness can be about as dangerous ... Continue Reading
  • What is the Difference Between Quarantine and Isolation? Lately, we have all been hearing several buzzwords related to staying healthy in the face of sickness. Words like social distancing, isolation, and quarantine are tossed around interchangeably on social media. But they are not quite the same and understanding the differences ... Continue Reading
  • Impact of Social Isolation on the Elderly Social isolation, or to use the new buzz words, “social distancing” is an unexpected situation we have found ourselves in for several weeks. The coronavirus snuck into our world with very little warning and no time for us to prepare for the effect it would have on our lives. ... Continue Reading
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