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Family Caregiving

  • Help at Home: "My Elderly Mother is Consuming My Life" Life isn’t always easy. We are never really prepared for the changes that take place with the passage of time. One of those transitions begins when our parents get older, fragile, and unable to care for themselves. I will always take care of my mom . Caring for my mother ... Continue Reading
  • Medical Terminology for Caregivers: Abbreviations and Acronyms When relying on a CG, which is the abbreviation for caregiver, your loved one may hear a variety of abbreviations and acronyms. But what do they all mean? In this post, we will review some common medical terminology for caregivers. Senior Living Acronyms There are various ... Continue Reading
  • Family Caregiving: "I Don't Want to Care for my Elderly Parents" Many young or middle-aged people live with the assumption that they will have to take care of their parents when they get older. This is often a societal and cultural expectation - in some Eastern countries, couples have children specifically so there is someone to care for ... Continue Reading