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  • Yard Work Help for Seniors With the spring approaching, seniors will want to enjoy the great outdoors. A clean and beautiful yard will do wonders to boost mood and ensure they will want to get some exercise in the privacy of their own property. However, making sure one’s yard is up to desired ... Continue Reading
  • Sensory Gardens for the Elderly Springtime has arrived! The sweet smell of freshly mown grass is in the air. The splash of gentle rain on leaves and windowpanes gives us a sense of hope and tranquility. Flowers will soon be in full bloom, and trees that stood cold and bare all winter have come alive with ... Continue Reading
  • Summer Gardening Projects for Seniors: Smart Irrigation Gardening is a unique hobby because it cultivates a strong bond and appreciation for Mother Nature while also being highly beneficial for seniors in a number of ways. Whether gardening entails a small collection of (organic) herbs in the windowsill or a small plot of land ... Continue Reading
  • 10 Tips for Safe & Affordable Gardening for Seniors As we move into our twilight years, it is natural to want to be able to continue to take part in the activities that we enjoy; and for many seniors, gardening is a lifelong love. As much as many people love gardening, being able to continue gardening can be a problem.There ... Continue Reading
  • Gardening & Gardening Equipment Adjustments for Seniors Gardening has many therapeutic and health benefits for seniors, particularly when it comes to growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Garden tools, equipment, and beds – these all can be modified to create the garden which is productive, accessible, and interesting. ... Continue Reading
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