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  • How to Help the Elderly Cope with Grief Grief is a challenging emotion with which to cope at any age. The sense of loss and feelings of loneliness that often accompany grief can be overwhelming. While grief is often associated with death and loss of a loved one, it is an emotion that can follow any major life ... Continue Reading
  • Dreaming of the Dead: The Elderly Talking to Dead Relatives During Sleep The elderly talking to dead relatives in dreams is not an unusual occurrence. Dreams of dead loved ones can have psychological or spiritual connotations, depending on the situation. Does Dreaming of the Dead Mean the Dreamer’s Time Has Come? Hospice nurses Maggie Callanan ... Continue Reading
  • How to Write a Eulogy: Tips for Speaking at a Funeral No one finds it easy to write a eulogy or speak at a funeral. Carrying the grief of loss and a natural fear of public speaking, it can be difficult to even decide what to say at a funeral. But figuring out how to give a eulogy can be made manageable. With a little ... Continue Reading
  • Words of Condolence: What to Write in a Sympathy Card Expressing sympathy to someone you care about can be a delicate situation. Sometimes, people have a hard time articulating their support during these times and are not sure what to say to comfort those who are grieving. Often, when comforting a grieving friend, people find ... Continue Reading
  • Coping Strategies for Elderly Adults in the Wake of Trauma No matter our age, we’re all faced with major challenges throughout our lives. While coping with trauma can be difficult for anyone, it can be specifically challenging for seniors. As a senior, you may have more grief due to the loss of loved ones; you may be transitioning ... Continue Reading
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